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Talk Talk Talk

Talking buttons, pens and keychains are nothing new.  However, they are an ideal way to market a smile or to broadcast an important message. “Marketing a Smile” is one of MCM Productions core beliefs. We strongly believe that anytime you can put a smile on someone face you have made a profound impact and that is a key element in marketing.

Recently everyone at the office was given a Smartphone. One of the first things we did was load the Talking Tom Cat app. Every time we show this to someone the response is the same. A great big smile! . high impact products that will accomplish this for you. We used a talking pen as an incentive for clients to sign up for our first blog and the results were sensational.

Product Information & Pricing Request Check out the MCM talking pen in the image in the upper right. Many talking pen, keychain and button products permit you to record a custom message of up to 10 seconds in length.  For smaller quantity requirements and applications where cost is constrained, we can show you products like the MCM talking pen that has a pre-recorded message. There are over 325 pre-recorded choices to select from.

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