thinking putty - promotional putty

Thinking Putty–Promotional Putty

Back in the 50’s and 60’s we knew this as silly putty. It was a pink colored ball of gooey rubber that every kid had. In today’s world of PlayStations and X-Boxes silly putty looks pretty dated. To baby boomers of which there are about 76 million or 25% of the US population silly putty has a strong emotional connection.

Today we call it Thinking Putty or Promotional Putty and it is an ideal corporate promotional product. From giveaway to employee appreciation gift or even as a brainstorming tool for meetings we see thinking putty as a real multi tasking device.  Unlike the plastic egg that silly putty was packaged in thinking putty comes in a striking customizable tin. There is plenty of room for your logo and your messaging.

Thinking Putty comes in a number of variations so that you can match your corporate theme to a color or unique promotional putty property.

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Super Magnetic

Crystal Clear

Heat Sensitive

Glow in the Dark

Color Shifting Illusions

Electric Colors

Metallic Colors

Primary Colors

Original Colors

Check out this video to learn even more about Thinking Putty.Product Information & Pricing Request

The team at MCM Productions can guide you through the promotional putty process from selecting the right color, putty property and tin design. Give us a call at 888-344-6060, email us at or click on the Get A Quote  button on the right.  We will show you how thinking putty is reshaping the future.

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