computer monitor calendars

Computer Monitor Calendars – Computer Keyboard Calendars

We call them a computer monitor calendars and others call them computer keyboard calendars. These adhesive backed strips have proven themselves to be both so highly popular and versatile that at MCM we distribute them to our clients every year.
Getting your name, message or brand in front of your audience is highly valuable. In our digital world, many of us sit in front of a monitor and keyboard for hours on end. Even if your job doesn’t require this activity, almost all of us check personal e-mails, surf the web, play games or shop on-line. Bingo, that’s why computer monitor calendars or computer keyboard calendars can outperform almost any other promotional product in the “Cost Per Impression” (CPI) category.

Look at these value points:
• Low cost (approximately) $.36 to $.21 depending on quantity. (call for Qty pricing)Product Information & Pricing Request
• Extremely high return on investment (ROI)
• Your logo/brand in Full Color in front of your audience all day long
• Extremely helpful as the user does not have to open a new window to see a 12 month calendar
• Creates a perfect opportunity to develop an annual client tradition.
Believe us when we say we totally endorse this product. MCM uses this each year and we get calls when our clients co-workers see them.  They want more…  Developing your own “tradition” helps strengthen your relationships.

If we missed sending you one for 2011, e-mail us today and we will put one or more in the mail. Don’t wait, as the supply is limited. Call 888-344-6060 or  click on Get A Quote . E- mail . Once you use this computer monitor calendar, you will question how you once survived without it.

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