13 oz rocks style custom glassware

Custom Glassware

There are times when the most subtle statement makes the boldest impression. That’s a key reason for us to feature this impressive line of custom glassware.  Just take a look at how they artistically blend a unique monogram for the recipient and tastefully incorporate your logo on the glass.

There are two dimensions to a great glass. The first is look and these custom glasses stand out on the shelf and table. The second dimension is feel.  Ask any glassware aficionado about a properly weighted glass and they will go on about heft and how the weight should be concentrated toward the bottom. This line of custom glassware scores high marks in both categories.

You can select from five styles

  • 14 oz. Beverage
  • 18 oz. Danube Ice Tea
  • 13 oz. Geo on the Rocks
  • 14 oz. Forum Coffee Mug
  • 16 oz. Micro-Brew

Each set comes with four glasses. There are five distinctive monogram styles to choose from to insure that your custom glassware is a treasured gift. Based on client feedback we can assure you that custom glassware of this quality will make an ideal executive gift or a perfect thank you for a charitable contribution.Product Information & Pricing Request

If you are looking for custom glassware that will absolutely stand out, call us today at 888-344-6060 or click on Get A Quote.  E-mail us at sales@mcmproductions.com

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