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Leather Corporate Gifts

Leather corporate gifts are one of our favorite executive gift choices. We don’t like labels but it is safe to say that most corporate executives know what they like and that they really appreciate high quality. That’s why we have chosen this brilliant, full color selection of leather products to show you.

Each piece from a luggage tag to hardbound journal conveys a rich and distinctive look and feel. For centuries leather has been a material associated with nobility and wealth. It’s prestige along with it’s durability hold as true today as it did centuries ago. These leather corporate gifts combine leather’s rich and symbolic history and enhance it with a remarkable full color process.

Just take a look at the images on this page and see how striking your logo or image will appear on the leather surface. The selection of products is both broad and covers a wide ranges of budgets; from luggage tags, book marks and key Fobs to flasks, iPad covers and portfolios. This is truly a something for everybody product. The most frequently asked question is durability of the color. All of these leather corporate gifts are made by Icon shoes, a well known manufacturer of fashion shoes and handbags.They use their patented printing process that is known for vibrancy and long lasting wear ability worldwide. Give us a call today to that we can help you narrow the choices to create the most artistic and eye catching leather corporate gift imaginable. 888-344-6060 or e-mail us at

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