personalized swiss army knife

Personalized Swiss Army Products

We live in a brand conscious society. Think about smart phones, cars, clothing, sports equipment, wine, and food. That’s why smart branding is so important and it’s why we believe in personalized Swiss Army products.

The red background with the white Swiss cross is a globally recognized brand that is synonymous with quality and precision. If that is the message you are trying to convey then we strongly recommend co-branding with a personalized Swiss Army knife, backpack, padfolio, computer case and more.

Co-branding with Swiss Army or other global brands is very cost effective. These brands have spent fortunes in building their images and we can help you put your logo alongside a number of mega brands that will insure a high return on your investment.

Product Information & Pricing RequestCheck out a part of the personalized Swiss Army collection.  There are simply too many products to show on a single page. Take advantage of our no-charge consultative services. At MCM, we listen to our client’s goals and budget and then determine the best selection of products to help them exceed their objectives. Let’s get started today.

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