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Cell Phone Skins – Skins for Phones

There is no doubt that cell phone skins are becoming extremely popular. Today’s new phones are definitely looked at as status symbols. The challenge is that there are only a handful of phones on the market at any one time that are considered trendy. Unlike a vintage watch, a 2 year old cell phone is passé.

For savvy marketers this is an amazing opportunity. The hot trend today is skins for phones. It is a perfect opportunity to link your brand to device that is in your audience’s hands all day long. Cell phone skins are both impressive to look at and they are practical in protecting the phones.

Skins for phones also presents an additional marketing opportunity aside from the obvious visual connection. The emerging trend in promotional marketing is “Integration”.  Simply put, one must ask how does the promotion “touch” as many components of the overall marketing goal. With more web based marketing initiatives replacing traditional media the need to bring more clients to the web sites has never been greater.

We see cell phone skins as a key driver to this goal. The programs that we recommend all include some form of web enabled cell phone skin redemption process. You have several options to introduce your cell phone skin program through pin card handouts, mailers or e-mail.  That directs the client to a custom web page where you can obtain key customer data along with a positive branding experience.

The newest product offering even permits your client to upload their own photo onto the skin. It’s a way to completely personalize the custom skin and make it totally unique to your client.

This is a, “must see it to believe it” product and we strongly suggest you give us a call for a sample. Don’t wait! Call us at 888-344-6060 or e-mail sales@mcmproductions.com

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