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Deal Toys

Lucite embedments, deal toys and acrylic embedments are some of our most popular products. The death of deal toys and lucite embedments as reported in the Wall Street Journal Online on 2-11-2009 appears to be greatly exaggerated. Over that past year the 3 major indexes showed gains greater than 15% . Less than 2 years after their reported demise mergers and acquisitions are back and so are deal toys.

When selecting an investment banker you look for expertise and results. The same criteria should be used when selecting a deal toy supplier. That’s where MCM Production’s 29 years of experience in design and creativity stands out. MCM is also financially sound as it is part of the iPromoteU affiliate organization that aggregates over $60m in sales to provide purchasing strength and liquidity.

MCM will take the time to listen to you and the story behind your firm before making recommendations on your deal toy. MCM will also look at your past history of deals and the associated toys to ensure that you are being continuously innovative in your design and selection of deal toy style.

MCM can also be your single point of contact in assisting you with all of your promotional items requirements. Many of our clients use us to supply their corporate gifts, employee plaques, business outing products and client giveaways.

Whether you are looking for a deal toy today or are looking for a promotional items consultant that will support your overall marketing plan, MCM Productions is ready to get started today. Please call us at 888-344-6060 or e-mail us at

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