cloth tote bags

Cloth Tote Bags

Cloth tote bags continue to grow in popularity. They were originally called coal bags and were designed to carry 50 pounds of coal. Let us not forget that coal was the primary fuel for heating homes until the 1940’s. With the demise of coal heat, these practical cloth tote bags became the work horse of the yachting set and were used to haul ice on board to cool the ice boxes.

The bags proved to be so practical that they were soon used to carry everything to and from boats. Then 60 years ago LL Bean put them in their catalog and the rest is history. Now cloth tote bags are main stream and can be found everywhere.

Cloth tote bags are an ideal branding device. Their uses range from corporate giveaways to gift for purchase items. They are also popular with retailers and travel destinations. Another historical note is that MCM’s founder created a special line of cloth bags that were imprinted with nautical charts. If you ever visit a coastal resort, you will probably see them for sale at a gift shop.

Check out this recycled cotton boat tote. It has all of the right features:

  • 12 oz recycled cotton material
  • 17.5”L x 14.5”H x 7” W
  • Oversized main compartment with snap closure
  • Practical front pocket with contrasting stitching
  • Reinforced gusset with accent
  • Dual 22” shoulder straps
  • Pen loop (pen not included)
  • Solid black or off white with black, blue or green trim

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