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The Perfect Journalbook

The perfect journalbook can be viewed as a myth or a reality depending on who you select to design it. At MCM we strive to create both a unique and perfect journalbook for each and every client. Our formula for success is founded in our many years of creating custom products for our clients and our ability to ask the right questions.

Each journalbook must have an end goal in mind. It can be as simple as a memento of a meeting or as complex as one that contains corporate goals, vision statements, SEC documentation, CD holder, flash drive, pen port and sophisticated graphics.

Before we talk about size, number of pages and exterior material, we will take the time to ask about your organization, your audience, the intended use of the journalbook and a number of other probing questions.

We suggest your take a moment to look at some of our more detailed pages on journalbooks.

If you are ready to get started right now, you can call us at 888-344-6060 and ask for Chris Hartley. Instead of getting connected to a trainee like many of our competitors, you will speak directly with a 20 plus year veteran who was named Person of the Year 2009, out of 130,000 peers by the Advertising Specialties Institute. Chris and her team are ready to help you create your perfect journalbook today.

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