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Trunk Organizer – SUV Organizer

One of the best tests to determine the effectiveness of a promotional product is to observe how it integrates into your daily life. A few years ago we received a sample of a trunk organizer – SUV organizer. I was skeptical as I unpacked it but it held my curiosity.

I began to test the organizer in the trunk of one car and in the back of the SUV. Low and behold, everything began to look organized. The test tuned into a love affair.

We now use trunk organizers to hold all of our ski gear for the winter and a separate golf trunk organizer is used during the summer. Every time we open the trunk, all of the pieces are right where they belong and not strewn all over the trunk and yes the suppliers name is prominently displayed, reminding me of who solved my messy trunk problem.

Uses for Trunk Organizers and SUV Organizers

  • Holds emergency trunk supplies
  • Keeps groceries from rolling into those mysterious dark places
  • Ideal for holding sports gear for easy transfers to the field
  • Cooler feature for road trips and frozen foods
  • Holds an entire picnic or beach day gear
  • Fold flat for easy storageSUV Organizer

This is a pretty extreme example but unless you have gone completely out of control, our SUV organizer will be appreciated by everyone.


Based on our experience we are positive that a trunk organizer or SUV organizer will become a valued possession that will associate your brand with a highly practical and useful product. Call us today at 888-344-6060 or e-mail for more information.

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