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Windup Toys

If you know one thing about the team at MCM it is that we are always keeping up with the latest trends and technology in the promotional products industry. As innovative as we aspire to be the majority of the products sold in this almost $20B industry are your basic apparel, pens, mugs and novelty products.

The reality of marketing, branding and merchandising is that not everyone is in front of a digital device all day long and that there are plenty of hours in the day to reach your audience without digital media. This is one of the primary drivers for our, “Marketing a Smile” strategy. Simply put, any time you can put a smile on your audiences face, you create a priceless and indelible moment.

Hand any adult a windup toy and there is an irresistible urge to wind it up and let it run all over the desk. My inner Freud says that windup toys connect us to our inner child and that puts a smile on our faces. When was the last time that you either wound up a key or pulled back on a toy car and watched it race away? Many of the newest windup toys even have “no-fall mechanisms” to prevent them from falling off the table.

We would like to show you a variety of stock and custom shaped windup toys that will put smiles all of your audience’s faces. Need a smile today? Call us for a sample at 888-344-6060 or e-mail us at

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