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Custom Magnets – Wood Magnets

Custom magnets continue to be one of the most popular promotional products. When your audience is in the home, the refrigerator door is still one of the most frequently visited locations for all family members. To get your message to stand out from the crowd, we believe that a wood magnet becomes a great conversation piece.
It’s a simple illusion of wood being magnetized when in actually it’s a ¼” thick wood material with a full magnetic backing. To obtain the greatest impact we recommend that you use a wood magnet to replicate a wood object like a guitar or a tree. If your custom magnet requirement is for an inanimate object like a delivery truck, a sign, or such, then we recommend that you use an acrylic magnet.


Custom Shapes
Four Color Printing
Low 100 Piece Minimum
10 Day Production
Made in the USA

Whether you select a wood magnet or an acrylic magnet the impact of either totally depends on the design. MCM’s 24 years of helping clients obtain the highest value promotional products that stand out from the crowd. Call us today at 888-344-6060 or e-mail us at sales@mcmproductions.com

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