custom printed post it notes

Custom Printed Post It Notes

The smart money would have bet on the demise of custom printed post it notes with the ubiquitous presence of computers. Well old habits take a long time to go away and an entire generation has begun to place their sticky post it notes on their computer monitors.

Whether you are old school and grew up with custom printed post it notes affixed to each page of a proposal or new school, with them affixed to your monitor, these little pads of sticky paper are an indispensable productivity tool.

From a cost per impression basis, they are hard to beat. Custom printed post it notes send your message all day long. You can either printed your logo or message in half tones directly on the writing surface or use a multi color imprint on the side of the cube.

You can jazz them up with a custom dispenser for an even greater impact and create the ability to come back and refill them with your latest message.

It does not matter if you use custom sticky post it notes on paper, your monitor or even the latest Windows – Android application. Call us today and speak to a real person who will assist you in making the most intelligent selection. 888-344-6060 or e-mail at

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