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Personalized Lapel Pins – Customized Lapel Pins

Personalized lapel pins have a long and proud history. Their early origins are political but in the last 50 or so years they have become incredibly popular with fraternities, sororities, schools, businesses and charitable organizations. Following the September 11th attacks, the American flag personalized lapel pin is worn by almost every politician.

We see personalized lapel pins as a sophisticated way to proudly display your organization, a new product, your school or a charitable cause. A well designed personalized lapel pin can easily become a collector’s item and increase in value each year. They are truly an ideal commemorative piece for any major occasion.

The team at MCM can guide you through the process to make your personalized lapel pin stand out and be truly one of a kind. Like most outstanding looking products, it always comes down to the details.

• How many Colors
• Gold – Nickel/Silver or Black Plating
• Cloisonné or Die Struck Soft Enamel
• Spin Cast Photo Crest
• Die Struck 2 tone – Die Struck Medallion
• Coil Spring connector or Military Clutch
• Safety Pin or Bolo Tie
• Magnetic Back or Stick Pin
• Velour Pouch or Various Gift Boxes

Personalized lapel pins don’t have to be complicated. Call us right now at 888-344-6060 or e-mail us at

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