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Promo Products

Every day we get the question,”What is the most popular promo product?” At MCM we believe that if we simply answered this with what we sold the most of in the past month, we would not be providing the level of expertise that our clients have come to expect.

MCM brings 25 years of knowledge to the promo products industry. Our clients range from global multi-billion dollar Fortune 100 firms to small local non-profit organizations. No matter what the size of the client we always begin with the following questions:

1. What is your promo product goal?
2. Who is your target audience?
3. Is your business strategy clearly defined?
4. What is your budget and time frame?
5. How will you distribute the product?

Without these 5 questions your chances of obtaining the perfect promo product is very low. Our goal with each client is to select a promo product that says both “wow” and will permit you to measure its effectiveness. That’s where our unique consultative method stands out from the crowd.

Which of these marketing objectives are you trying to achieve?

1. Increase brand awareness.
2. Strengthen customer loyalty
3. Add new customers
4. Introduce a new product or service
5. Drive traffic to your web site
6. Reward or recognize employees
7. Gift for purchase
8. Attract attention to your trade show booth
9. Gifts for corporate events or meetings
10. Promote Green – Eco friendly initiatives

No matter what the objective the team at MCM has a host of proven products that can exceed your expectations. Call Chris Hartley, ”Advertising Specialties Institute – Person of the Year” and her team at 888-344-6060 or e-mail us at

Let’s get started today.

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