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Customized Friendship Bracelets – Personalized Friendship Bracelets

Personalized or customized friendship bracelets are about to become the hot product that will make silly bands or silicone awareness bracelets old school. This just came from a teenage client who is using friendship bracelets in a fundraiser. Teenagers are the big trendsetters and we watch their habits closely.

A year ago silly bands were the hot item but trends come and go very quickly. We predict our young client is correct. While friendship bracelets date back to the early 70’s we see them making a revival as charitable organizations need to differentiate themselves in the always challenging fundraising environment.

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70’s Style Friendship Bracelets

Back in the 70’s the friendship bracelets was simply a colorful braided rope tied with a knot. Today we can offer you a customized – personalized version with your organization’s name imprinted onto the fabric. These new school bracelets feature 2 metal beads to adjust the wrist size and come in both 3/8 “and 5/8” widths. The minimum order quantity is only 72 pieces which makes customized- personalized friendship bracelets perfect for smaller organizations. You can even imprint on both sides for a small additional charge.

If you are looking for the product that will be the next silly band or silicone awareness bracelets, we believe our new teenage client is absolutely correct. Call the MCM sales team today at 888-344-6060 or e-mail us at
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