personalized lanyards

Personalized Lanyards

Personalized lanyards have always been a popular item with our corporate clients. We just recently learned that they have an even broader appeal. Every several years we donate MCM’s excess samples to a charity yard sale. At this year’s event the most popular item was unquestionably the container with personalized lanyards.

It was no surprise, when you look carefully at all off the personalized lanyard options it became self evident that there are almost countless uses other than holding an ID tag around ones head. Just look at how many travelers are wearing their travel documents in plain sight at the TSA inspection points. Today we virtually never sell a custom lip balm without it being attached to a personalized lanyard.

Let’s look at what your choices are when creating your every own personalized lanyard.

Personalized Lanyard Materials
• Bamboo
• Cotton
• Cord
• Denim like
• Dye – Sublimation
• Neoprene
• Non – Flip Knitted Cotton
• Nylon
• Polyester
• Recycled PET
• Reflective
• Stretchy Elastic
• Tie – Dye
• Vinyl

Personalized Lanyard Attachments
• Vinyl Snap Clamshell
• Plastic Bulldog Clip
• Metal Bulldog Clip
• Plastic Swivel Hook
• Metal Swivel Hook
• Vinyl Snap
• Metal Split ring
• Full Color Dome on Clamshell
• Plastic o-Ring
• Accessories Loop
• Snap Hooks
• Convenience Release
• Slide Release
• Neck Wallets

The team at MCM has been helping clients make the best choices in designing perfect personalized lanyards to meet every requirement and price point. Give us a call today at 888-344-6060 or e-mail us with your requirements at

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