executive gifts capacitive stylus

Executive Gifts Capacitive Stylus

Here is a perfect combination of executive gift and technology. It also ties into the latest trend in touch screen phones and tablets. We are talking iPhone, iPad, Droid, Galaxy and more. These are the tools that all executives covet and carry. If you really want an executive’s attention, get them a useful accessory for their favorite tech toy.

A capacitive stylus is the ideal accessory that replaces your finger and makes precise swipes and taps on the screen. They provide accuracy, speed and there are no more smudges to clean. Every “techie” executive will want one. New, high tech and practical. These attributes make a capacitive stylus a great place to put your logo.


Capacitive Stylus Types – Click on links below for more product details

While each of these types has their own merit, we are betting that the 2 in 1 Ballpoint Stylusand the Pen Stylus will become the most popular ones as they are great multi-tasking tools for the executive on the go.

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