What is product marketing with promotional products

What is Product Marketing with Promotional Products

What is product marketing? The text books tell us that it is made up of the 7 P’s. They are Product, Price, Physical Evidence, Promotion, Packaging, Placement and People. For over 25 years the team at MCM Productions has been helping product management experts in determining what are the most effective promotional products to properly position their products or services.
All too often the value of promotional products is dismissed by some marketers. This is primarily the direct result of them associating promotional products with the typical t-shirt or coffee mug routine. The truth is even these old products can deliver excellent results when used in the proper place and with the correct demographic.

Here is a case study showing how two different software companies’ product marketing programs took a very different approach and how the intelligent use of promotional products provided a high return on their investment.

Case Study
Company A
planned to introduce a new CRM software package at a major trade show. They decided to build a large multimedia booth and obtained a premium location on the trade show floor. The booth contained a theater like demonstration area and they conducted live product demonstrations every 30 minutes. The cost of the booth was $350,000 and they took a team of 12 managers to the show. Their total costs were $450,000. Their results were disappointing. Very few prospective customers had the time to sit for a 20 minute presentation except people with tired feet. The company also failed to collect “qualified “leads.

Company B was a lesser known name in the industry. They attended the same trade show and they too had a new CRM software package to introduce. With a considerably smaller budget they considered a product marketing approach that used promotional products to deliver measurable and cost effective results. Instead of the bright lights and the big booth they had a promotional products consultant design a stress bot around a theme about the stress of selecting the right CRM partner. In a single step they “humanized” their product into a cute, squeezable stress reliever and headed to the trade show. Within hours of the show beginning a buzz hit the floor about these adorable stress bots being given away. Their booth was crowded and their sales people took the time to talk and qualify the perspective clients before handing them the stress bot. Company B used a stock booth that cost $50,000 and used only 6 mangers to attend the show. They purchased 5,000 stress bots at $3.50 each. They returned to the office with over 700 qualified leads to follow up on.
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