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Sometimes brand name promotional products are your perfect choice in promotional products. In our most recent newsletter we talked about, “Don’t Shoot the Messenger”.   If you select the wrong product, the perfect message can fall on its face.

When your target audience is upscale, discriminating and selective, we then strongly suggest that you deliver your message with a brand name product. It makes a statement that you understand your audience and are catering to them. It also insures that the product will be either used or proudly displayed and not tossed aside.

Lunch Tote

Built NY products are a great example of a versatile brand name promotional product. With their products it’s not about a big bold BUILT logo, it’s about a look that is unmistakably, Built NY. The brand is popular with professionals and while it once primarily catered to the wine and tech crowd, they now offer everything from lunch totes to kitchen mitts.

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