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Stadium Seat Chairs

Stadium seat chairs are a great product for fundraising or associating your brand with sport club.
Anyone who has ever sat on an ice cold bleacher seat will attest that having some padding underneath makes the event that much more enjoyable.

The first question we ask clients that are looking for stadium seat chairs is their price point. If they are looking at spending approximately $3.00, the best option is to use a folding stadium cushion. If they want to spend over $10.00 then we suggest that they look at a folding stadium seat. Both products will cushion the hard bleacher but the seat offers back support and the versatility of reclining.

We have tested both product types and will be glad to share our thoughts. The folding stadium seats proved to be a great addition on a trip down the Green and Colorado rivers proving that these handy seats have a broader functionality than watching a football or baseball game.

Product Features

• Colors – black, blue, green and red
• Minimum order is 150
• Full color imprinting optional
• Rush delivery available
• Stadium seat has adjustable side straps to control angle
• Stadium cushion has elastic straps that act as a closure.

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