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Accessories for Cell Phones DigiClean®

We are convinced that cell phone related accessories are the next significant tool in promotional marketing. The latest data shows that there are over 327 million cell phones in the US which is greater than the entire population. There are over 5 billion cell phones in the world with a population of 7 billion.

Those are staggering numbers and intelligent marketers are going to be jumping on this massive opportunity. One of the smartest and most cost effective products to market via a cell phone is the new DigiClean®. It’s a microfiber screen cleaning cloth that magically adheres to the back surface of a cell phone. Everyone keeps their cell phone at arm’s length today. Microfiber cleaning clothes have a multitude of cleaning uses:

*   Smartphone touch screens

*   CD’s and DVD’s

*   Camera Lenses

*   Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

*   Portable Games

*   Navigation and in Dash Touch Screens

The DigiClean® is affixed to either a custom 4 color marketing hand out card or a direct mailer. Your card is custom designed to professionally deliver your message.

DigiClean® Facts

* 4 Color process microfiber and card

* Marketing card in 3.5” x 6” or 2” x 3.5”

* Amazing adhesion technology

* Microfiber clothes removes dust, fingerprints and smudges

* Custom shapes and sizes available

* DigiClean® Plus™ rubberized or textured surfaces

* Puff style and standard thickness

We are convinced that the DigiClean® cell phone accessory is one of the most innovative and exciting ways to help our clients jump on the cell phone marketing opportunity. Give us a call today at 888-344-6060 or click on Get a Quote and we will answer your questions via e-mail. For a host of ideas on ways DigiClean has been used to promote people’s brands, check out our gallery below.

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