lenticular promotional products

Lenticular Promotional Products

In this age of digital everything, sometimes the only way to stand out is to revert back to “old school” or traditional stuff. That is a key reason why we are so keen on lenticular promotional products. Lenticular 3D printing’s popularity dates back to the 1940’s.

This type of printing produces images that give and illusion of depth. Remember the prizes inside of a Cracker Jacks box that appeared to move and change? You get the picture. Today we can use the advancements in this technology to take an ordinary key chain and turn it into a promotional item that will create a much stronger connection to your audience.

Whether you use it to promote something retro or you simply want to make a strong impression in this crowded digital world we have a number of great looking lenticular promotional items for you to choose from.

Top Selling Lenticular Promotional Products

Address Books                                              Business Cards

Dog Tags                                                          Post Cards

Bookmarks                                                     Key Ring Holders

Rulers                                                               Pencil Cases

Stickers                                                            Coasters

Bottle openers                                              Luggage Tags

The list does not stop there. If you want a lenticular 3D image for you next promotion we can show you many more product families, stock images or help you design a custom lenticular promotional product just for you.

Check out the gallery below for some product images and give us a call at 888-344-6060 today.


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