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Personalized Lunch Boxes for Promotions

Using personalized lunch boxes for promotions that have a retro theme will definitely make your event at big hit. For baby boomers it will bring them back to a time and a place that is filled with great memories. For your Gen X’ers and Millennium’s, the tin box with the brilliant graphics will create an air of nostalgia.

We personally see these personalized lunch boxes being used at corporate events where there is a box lunch being served, such as golf event or simply a picnic to break up a daylong meeting. Event planners will find the pricing to fit into their budget and the value to be high.

Personalized lunch boxes are also really popular with the grade school set. They are ideal from being used to promote a school or a club to educating children about healthy eating habits. We also see these lunch boxes as ideal school fundraisers for teams, clubs or grades or the entire school.

To make your personalized lunch boxes really stand out it comes down to the printing. We offer several options to fit both your budgets and artistic requirements.

Full Color Process – Features water resistant permanently laminated adhesive labels that are printed with pigmented ink to prevent fading. personalized lunch boxes




Silk Screen Process – Matches PMS colors as closely as possible. There can be slight color variations due to the metal substrate.





Full Color Body Print – For the ultimate graphic impression we print each piece of the box prior to assembly to cover the entire body of the lunch box.personalized lunch boxes


Give us a call today at 888-344-6060 get your questions answered and we can get your personalized lunches designed, printed and on their way to your next event.

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