Best iPhone and iPad Screen Cleaners

Best iPhone and iPad Screen Cleaners

There is a global revolution taking place. Just look at a school, a bus, the airport, or any public place and you will see virtually everyone holding an iPhone or an iPad. If it’s not one of Apple’s products you will see Samsung, HTC, Toshiba, HP, Motorola and a host of other manufacturer’s wireless devices.

Smart marketers are all over this phenomenon. There are over 300,000 Apps for the iPhone alone. A recent study shows that the average person looks at their smart phone 34 times per day. There is now a way to capitalize on all of this visibility without having to design a new App.

Check out the DigiClean Plus ®. It is a micro fiber screen cleaner that remarkably sticks to the back of virtually any device. You can easily remove it to wipe your touch screen clean of all the smudges and dirt that appear each day. These are perfect for all types of devices including DVD’s, touch screens, sun and eye glasses, camera lenses and dash board screens. Once you have one, you will question how you ever lived without one.

The DigiClean Plus® solves the challenge of the original DigiClean ® as it sticks to rubber and textured surfaces. All DigiClean ® screen cleaners come affixed to full color 3.5” x 6” marketing cards to enable you to deliver your marketing message.

Custom Marketing Card



  • Seven sizes
  • Full color imprint
  • Optional front and back imprint
  • 12 shapes
  • Custom shapes optional
  • Includes Full color marketing card
  • Optional “Puff” style
  • 250 piece minimum order

There is not a more cost effective way to connect your brand to the explosive popularity of the planet’s infatuation with wireless devices. Give us a call today for details and pricing at 888-344-6060. For more DigiClean(r) ideas check out our gallery below.


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