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Personalized Cookies Personalized Fortune Cookies

Personalized cookies and personalized fortune cookies are a great way to send a branding or thank you message. Whether you are sending them to an individual or to a group, personalized cookies and personalized fortune cookies are going to be well received. DISCLAIMER- MCM Productions cannot be held responsible for you getting hungery while reading this!

All one needs to do is think about the last time you were the recipient of a box of mouthwatering cookies. I’mgetting hungry just writing about them. More important than my appetite is your goal for your promotion. As long as your theme has a connection to sweets, food, love, happiness, gratitude and other relatable areas we can help you select the perfect personalized cookies or personalized fortune cookies.

Personalized Cookies by family

  • Picture Cookiespersonalized cookies
  • Photo Brownies
  • Cupcakes

These can be made on – Oreos®, Nillas®, chocolate, sugar, marshmallows, sandwich cookies, graham crackers and cookie cards.

Personalized Fortune Cookiespersonalized fortune cookies

  • Classic
  • Special Occasion
  • Holiday

These can be made on – Dark chocolate, White chocolate, Caramel toffee, Caramel toffee chocolate, Toffee crunch, Pecan, M&M’s ®, Coconut, Neapolitan, Oreo ®, Almond, Peanut butter and Sprinkles

Personally we like the Picture cookies and the Cookie Cards as the visual impression is so vivid. The graphic clarity permits one to really incorporate near perfect visual reproduction from your art work.  As with most promotional products, it’s all about the details, so we strongly recommend that you give us a call at 888-344-6060. With our 25 years of experience we can help you make the right personalized cookies or personalized fortune cookies choice.

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