Discount Promo Items

Discount Promo Items

Discount promo items that produce results! Is this fact or fiction? The internet is filled with pages of cheap promotional items and discount promotional items. Sadly many people are lured into the belief that purchasing the lowest priced item is a smart move.

MCM Productions has 25 years of experience in assist our clients in purchase discount promo items that are not over runs, over stock or seconds. MCM obtains large discounts through its affiliated relationship with iPROMOTEu who is a service provider to distributors and has sales in excess of $120m.  This relationship affords MCM its independence, creativity and a high level of customer satisfaction while providing significant purchasing power. That’s why MCM offers you a discount on the latest top selling promo items and not last year’s excess inventory.

WARNING!!!! Virtually anytime someone tries to sell you something cheap or discounted, there is a reason. When you put your name or brand on a promo item it should reflect who and what you stand for. Do you want a discount promo item to do cheapen your brand or do you want to purchase the latest most impactful promo product at a discount?

DANGER SIGNS!!!! – Beware when you see these terms:

  • Cheap
  • Closeout
  • While they last
  • Won’t last
  • Inexpensive
  • Low cost
  • Special Deal

These are all keywords that should translate to stuff that no one else wanted and couldn’t sell. Don’t be fooled. When you can call 888-344-6060 and speak to someone with 25 years of knowledge and the purchasing power of $75m per year. That’s a smart move.




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