how to market phone apps

How to Market Phone Apps

At MCM we get a large number of inquiries about how to market phone apps. Our first question is about the type of app. If it’s a free, large scale audience like, “Talking Tom Cat”, it is all about using social media to turn it viral. If it is a business app with a clearly defined audience we have a simple solution.

Here is a recent case study. We were approached by a small regional bank. They were releasing a new on-line phone based banking app. The audience was clearly defined but definitely not younger demographic. After all, this bank was founded in 1854 but they were clever enough to offer a phone app.

We suggested the DigiClean® screen cleaner and attached it to 4”x6” marketing card printed on both sides. The DigiClean® is neatly affixed to the card and is the logo of the bank. The card clearly describes the advantages of the new phone app and how to use the screen cleaner on the smart phone. It’s the modern day refrigerator magnet in that cell phones are view over 35 times per day. There is no better way how to market phone apps. It is an attention grabbing solution that also provides a practical screen cleaner.

Call us today and let us explain how we can help you design a DigiClean ® card to market your new phone app and start driving traffic to your app immediately. See the design below.

Layout for marketing card

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