personalized filtered water bottles

Personalized Filtered Water Bottles

The personalized water bottle market space continues to evolve. The latest new product offering is personalized filtered water bottles. We say great concept.

Personalized water bottles have proven themselves as a smart marketing tool for branding but they also help greatly in the reduction of plastic water bottles that wind up as trash or that don’t get properly recycled. By adding internal filtration systems, these new bottles allow the user to fill up with tap water that ca be cleaned of the taste of chlorine and impurities such as fluoride, arsenic, benzene, lead and more.

The added bonus when you give these personalized filtered water bottles to your employees, the need for stocking expensive spring water is eliminated. Just add up your annual spring water costs and the ROI on these personalized filtered water bottles is easy to calculate.

Here is a comparison of two of the most popular personalized filtered water bottle models.


FEATURES                                                        Brand A                                           Brand B

Capacity                                                           26 oz                                                  16 oz

Material                                                            Tritan Copolyester                          Tritan Copolyester

Filter Life                                                          100 gallons                                       25 gallons

Filter Performance                                         chlorine odor                                    99.99% of all impurities

Dimensions                                                      9.25”h                                                10.75”h

BPA Free                                                           Yes                                                      Yes

Min Qty                                                              36                                                        48

Colors (see gallery)                                        5                                                          10

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