imprinted anitmicrobial sports towels

Imprinted Antimicrobial Sports Towels

Imprinted antimicrobial sports towels have been discovered and there is a great reason for their rise in popularity. All one has to do is leave a wet towel in a gym bag overnight and let it fester for a while. We all know the rest of this story.

If you are marketing to an athletic audience, these imprinted antimicrobial sports towels will be both appreciated and frequently used. The number of impressions of your logo or brand will grow and grow and your audience will enjoy having a fresh smelling towel in their gym bags.

Our favorite imprinted antimicrobial sports towels feature CleanFreak technology. Its unique technology has built in protection that prevents bacterial and fungal growth while helping to fight MRSA, staph, germs and odor. You will never have to cringe again if you leave one of these in your gym bag and forget that it is in there.

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