Social Media Promotional Items

There is a school of thought that says social media and promotional items are at opposite ends of the marketing spectrum. At MCM we differ from this as many of our clients have come to us asking us which promotional items work best at marketing social media programs.

Not every new social media initiative has either a trunk load of VC funding or the ability to go viral. A well executed marketing campaign may need a unique incentive to create a tipping point to drive new client engagement on a new social media site.

One of the most effective ways to drive engagement is through incentive. We were are all tired and leery of the “Win a Free iPad” offerings but there are many other creative options that can be taken to reach ones goal. This can stem from having clients share stories and images about their product experience to having the community reach out to share the experience with their friends. The process is simplified when using the incentive to drive this behavior with an intelligently chosen promotional item.

Favorite Products for Social Media Promotion


Another consideration is using promotional items that directly relate to your core products or services. If you are a provider of athletic products, then the ubiquitous water bottle may have more impact than anything else. Likewise for a financial services provider where as a solar calculator may be your best choice.

Let us put our 25 plus years of expertise to work for you. Give us a call at 888-344-6060 and with just a few questions we can help you narrow down your selections to the right social media promotional items that will give you the right results.



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