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Social Media Promotional Items for Smart Phones

We recently posted about social media promotional item for smart phones. It was also featured in our most recent Newsletter to rave reviews. The only suggestion was, is there a more upscale product?

Look no further than the Swivel Phone Stand. Before we tell you about the product let us explain why we believe that smart phone related promotional items are the ideal vehicle. One statistic says it all. 55% of all social media users access their sites via mobile. That is over 5 Billion users. As far as trending goes, the more advanced economies in APAC (Singapore, Indonesia, China and South Korea) have between 63 to 70% of their users accessing the content via mobile. If you study trends, APAC predicts the future in smart phones and social media.

Back to the Swivel Phone Stand. Unlike its value priced little brother (As low as $2.50 2012), the Swivel is made from rugged polished aluminum. It stands 4” tall and features a sticky back that rotates 90 degrees to hold the phone in a vertical or horizontal position.  With more users watching longer running video content, this is a valued feature.


  • Brushed aluminum
  • 4” high
  • Single color imprint
  • Rotating pad locks in place with swivel knob
  • Minimum quantity 100 pieces

We have plenty of ideas in social media marketing. Check out the link to Social Media Promotional Items .  How about considering packing several social media marketing items including a capacitive stylus, a DigiClean® or a pair of touch screen gloves? Give us a call at 888-344-6060 and tell us about your social media goals. We want to help you get there.

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