High End Promotional Items Personalized Coasters

High End Promotional Items Personalized Coasters

Personalized coasters make an ideal high end promotional item without the high cost. Simply take a quick survey at what people are using for coasters around the house and office. Many times it is pretty sad at what you will find.

Our perspective on personalized coasters is that when you select the right supplier and use the best material that the perceived value will be high and the product will endure the test of time. A good high end promotional item will be viewed frequently and it will endure.

Stonecast personalized coasters use a process that combines materials such as pulverized granite / poly resin or pulverized marble / poly resin to create a look and feel of solid stone. This process also permits custom shapes. Additionally, each piece is individually crafted so no two pieces will look the same.

Custom Shapes – When a circle, rectangle or a square cannot send the right message we can help you design a shape that enhances message and makes your brand unique.

custom shape coaster

Embedded Recycled Materials – If making your product more visual or you want to make a statement about recycling, we can help you have your own material embedded inside a durable shell.

embedded material coaster

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