social media promotional items chocolate

Social Media Promotional Items Chocolate

That’s not the sugar talking. High quality chocolates are an ideal promotional item. They appeal to a broad audience and they have the ability to help retain a positive connection from the giver to the recipient.

Promotional marketing with chocolate is well proven and has been used successfully by creative marketers for decades. Back in the 80’s I was a high tech executive. I watched in awe as a young sales rep had boxes of chocolates wrapped in small square packages. This was the dawn of a new semi conductor packaging named surface mount technology (SMT). It was not an easy time for young women to break into engineering departments. This smart rep would visit company lobbies and have the receptionist call engineers asking if they would like free SMT samples. The lobbies would quickly fill up with engineers and this rep had an instant audience who wound up with a smile on their faces.

More recently we had a client wanting to drive traffic to their new social media site. We helped them design chocolates with their logo and shape. The information and messaging was contained on the outside and inside of the wrapper. They distributed the chocolates at a trade show. The client exceeded their goals for engagement and they made a bunch of friends.

To maximize your social media promotional chocolate campaign you must consider the following elements.

  • Quality of the chocolate
  • Shape – stock or custom shape
  • Packaging
  • Messaging

At MCM, we have over 25 years of experience in helping our clients. We personally taste all of the chocolates from our preferred vendors. OK, we don’t expect any sympathy on this. With the quality of chocolate assured, we guide our clients through the selection process of looking at stock shapes or help in the design of a custom shape to convey the right message.

Then it comes down to the packaging which can include an imprint on the exterior of the package and detailed messaging on the inside of the package. The options are many and we promise to help simplify the process.Product Information & Pricing Request

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