promotional RFID wallet

Promotional RFID Wallet

Promotional RFID wallet? What is that? Cyber warfare and computer hacking is now front page news. Most consumers are unaware that that we walk around with a potential cyber  threat in many of our credit cards each day.  Here is a quick lesson.

Many of the newest credit cards in the US and most of them in Europe and Asia contain an RFID micro chip. RFID is radio frequency identification, which means that the card contains a small radio transmitter device. The easiest way to know if your card contains one is if it does not need to be swiped through a reader. The chip transmits your ID to the merchant just by placing it near their point of sale terminal.

The scary part is that most consumers don’t realize that their card is constantly transmitting your information and that a thief can purchase a reader that is connected to a lap top which captures all of the information. This data is easily transferred to a magnetic stripe which is placed on a counterfeit card. The only good news is the the RFID cards change their security code with every transaction so that thief is limited to one purchase.

If that is the best news we can give you then we believe that promotional RFID wallets are a smart idea. The wallet is shielded with what is called a Faraday cage so that the radio transmission cannot be read by a computer thief.

Check out the features of our favorite Promotional RFID Wallet

  • Stylish aluminum case
  • Colors – metallic, black, silver and blue
  • Size – 4 ¼” w x 3” h
  • Imprint – Laser 3” w x 1 ¾” h
  • Imprint – Full color 3 ½” x 2 1/16” h (optional)
  • Optional second side imprint
  • 6 inside pockets and push button  to open feature
  • 100 piece minimum order

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