innovative direct mail marketing

Innovative Direct Mail Marketing

Is innovative direct mail marketing another oxymoron? Let’s be honest, each of us discards virtually every piece of direct mail that we receive. Is there a way to reverse this trend and have an innovative direct mail marketing program? We know there is.

The foundation of every direct mail marketing campaign is to have a clearly understood and highly visible call to action. Depending on the product or service being marketed, the call to action is usually getting a perspective client to call, visit or connect via the web. Inducements to accomplish this are discounts, free estimates or added value.

Much of this messaging can be accomplished through a well-designed direct mail piece that incorporates a magnet. Really, this is 2013 aren’t refrigerator magnets a thing of the past? Based on their annual sales, these simple giveaways still make a tremendous impact. Stuck on a refrigerator door their cost per impression delivers incredible results.

There are a number of “attachable” options that also include magnetic business cards and luggage tags that can be incorporated into these innovative direct mail pieces.

We can show you a number of highly cost effective direct mail magnet post cards that will get you the response rates that you desire.  Concurrently with MCM’s free consultative service, we can help you develop a creative angle to help you obtain the results that you desire.

Here are some sample ideas.

innovative direct mail marketing



Inform and reward – not only is this post card great for relaying your business’s information, it also includes a tipped on magnet keepsake (sold separately). Multiple magnet shapes and sizes are available to choose from. Customize with one color spot imprinting and send out to potential clients and customers – a layout of your Smartline (TM) Card submitted with your order is strongly recommended to ensure accuracy. Measures 5 3/16″ x 8″.





innovative direct mail marketing

Need an eye-catching way to spread the word about your business? Then this SuperSeal Post Card would be perfect for your next marketing campaign! Features include a laminated post card with a magnet sealed onto it (items sold separately)! Item measures 5 3/16″ x 8″ and can be customized with one spot color imprints on both sides – a layout of your card with order is highly recommended to ensure accuracy. Always-in-stock item! We can help with the mailing too.







innovative direct mail marketing



Sealed four color process magnetic postcard, 4 1/4″ x 6 1/2″. Magnet not included in price. Made in the USA. Always in Stock Item!







innovative direct mail marketing



Tri-fold four color process magnetic laminated card. Cards will be folded and wafer sealed before shipping. Card is laminated on one side. Magnet must be on the same side as business reply label. Magnet priced separately. Made in the USA. Always in Stock Item!







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