fun promotional products metal slinkys plastic slinkys

Fun Promotional Items Metal Slinky Plastic Slinky

Fun promotional products are all about having a good time. When your promotional objective needs to convey fun, whimsy or just taking your audience to a place that brings back memories of childhood, a simple fun item can make a big and have a lasting impact.

Metal or plastic Slinkys are a great example of a perfect fun promotional item. The slinky is an iconic toy that Baby Boomers will remember fondly. However the magic of this toy is not lost on Gen X, Y or Millennial. These generations have a deep appreciation for “Retro”. We can assure you that promotional Slinkys will be a hit no matter the demographic.

For some more Slinky Facts click on the Slinky page in Wikipedia.  On a personal level I had a Slinky toy when I was young and when I became the General Manager of a company in Clifton Heights PA, I learned that the building once housed the original Slinky factory.  Once you have played with a slink, you never forget it.


  • Both Metal or Plastic construction
  • Classic – Steel finish or red, green and blue colors
  • Classic – Custom colors and up to  4 color imprints
  • Plastic – Both large and small size
  • Plastic – 6 standard colors red, yellow, blue, black and white
  • Plastic – Fluorescent lemon lime, orange and raspberry
  • Plastic – 2 color inside / out – orange/yellow, red/yellow and green /yellow
  • Plastic – Custom colors available
  • Custom packaging available
  • 250 piece minimum order



Promotional Slinkys are a perfect giveaway, corporate event gift, trade show item and more. Give us a call today at 888-344-660 or click on Get a Quote.



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