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Paper Webkey

Whether you spell it paper webkey or paper web key, they are one of the most innovative and versatile promotional products available today. The team at MCM has been helping smart companies incorporate paper webkeys into their marketing programs since the inception of this brilliant idea.

Anytime you want to drive your audience your website, a well-designed paper webkey can meet your needs. Just a few years ago traditional webkeys, which simply had a URL embedded on them were considered a great tool. The problem was that these low capacity flash drives, even when made into a custom shape, often were lost, as there was no message delivered with them.  They were tossed in brief cases or worse pockets that went through the laundry.

The paper webkey solves this shortfall. The technology includes a low cost flash drive (Webkey) with a pre-programed URL. The webkey is incorporated on to a variety of paper stock products which include 3×5 mailers, bi-fold and tri-fold brochures. All of the pertinent messaging including text and image are incorporated onto the paper stock.

Paper web keys were first utilized in the pharmaceutical industry but more recently they have been adopted by educational institutions, dealer training programs, new product introductions, special promotions, warranty registrations and more.



The real impact of paper webkeys is using them to provide a compelling message to drive a person to register on your web site. If you have powerful and relevant content, you will now have contact information and pertinent client data so that you can continually engage the client and update the messaging.imagesCAE8I5CS

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