Promotional Beverage Items

Promotional Beverage Items

This must be the best promotional beverage item ever made. Have you ever had a can of beer or soft drink spill on a picnic blanket or in the car? Here is the perfect solution and you can decorate it with your brand or logo.

The potential audience is enormous. Over 100 BILLION aluminum cans are produced in the US every year. The opportunity is remarkable. At the same time the Can Cap is positively connecting your brand or logo with a very pleasant experience. Couple with the impact of the conversation that this promotional beverage item inspires and the impression will last for a long time.

The Can Cap simply slips on the top of an aluminum beverage can and snaps in place. A button on the top of the Can Cap opens and closes the opening with a simple push. It is reusable and it will become an indispensable travel item for the car, boat, sporting events or the picnic basket.


  • Precision made in Germany
  • Full color photo realistic printingCan Cap
  • Sizes for standard, sleek or slim cans
  • Prevents spills, bugs, dirt, sand…
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Point of sale packaging optional
  • Packaged in single, double, 5 and 10 packs
  • Minimum order quantity 1000

When was the last time that you saw a promotional item that had 100 billion marketing opportunities each year? We would like to talk to you about your promotional goals and objectives and see how insure that you meet or exceed them. Give us a call at 888-344-6060, E-mail at or click on Get A Quote.

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