Promotional power banks

Promotional Power Banks the Next Generation

Promotional power banks are one of the smartest and best – selling promotional items. Smart, because they are super practical in our world of indispensable wireless devices. Best – selling, because as a high tech device, they become less expensive and have more functionality as they evolve through their life cycle. Just take look at the images of the airport charging frenzy or of our friend who is losing his cool as his phone is dying. Promotional power banks are a product that is greatly appreciated by the recipient. At MCM we began testing promotional power banks over 2 years ago. In fact they were not even called power banks but chargers. The first comment was these are really functional. The second was, how do I know if this thing has a charge in it? Well, the engineers figured this out and the next generation of promotional power banks have LED indicators to show that they are charged and voltage capacity is increasing as size is reduced.ETL Zoom

Check out some of our favorites.


The Zoom

  • Power bank and AC adapter
  • Compact design
  • 2600 mHa @ 1 amp
  • LED indicator
  • 12”H x 1” W x 2.12” L

PB 10200

  • Power bank and USB charger
  • Slim light weight designPB10200
  • Dual charging port USB/Micro USB
  • 10200 mHa Li-polymer battery
  • LED indicator
  • 25” H x .05” W x 2.5” L

JOLTJolt charger

  • Compact with digital display
  • USB and Micro USB ports
  • 2200 mHa Li-ion grade A battery
  • Charges at the same rate as most wall chargers
  • 75” H x 0.75” W x 3.75” L

FlareFlare power bank

  • Compact with LED flashlight
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • 2200 mHa battery
  • No charging indicator
  • Includes strap
  • 4.25” L

KTI PB24 2400

  • Pocket sized charger
  • USB cable (not for phone charging)
  • 2200 mHa Lithium ion battery3 ¾” L x 7/8” W x 7/8” Hinfo
  • These are only a few of the promotional power banks that we have available. Give us a call at 888-344-6060, E-mail at or click on Get A Quote.

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