How to repurpose vinyl PVC banners

How to Repurpose Vinyl Banners

How to repurpose vinyl  banners is one of the hottest topics for organizations that are working on improving their sustainability practices. At MCM we have been helping our clients repurpose their vinyl banners for almost 10 years.

From NFL and NBA sport teams to municipalities and film festivals, there are considerable opportunities to not only repurpose your banners but to turn them into valuable gifts, products for resale or for fundraising.

The team at MCM has turned repurposed banners into tote bags, messenger bags, wallets, wrist bands and more. We also can use your repurposed material along with other material to increase the yield of your project.Banner-1-Boston-Marathon


  1. Determine the dimensions and physical condition of your banners.
  2. Study the artistic value and where the images fall on the layout of the banner.
  3. Think about the new purpose of the banners. Gift, resale, fundraising and more.
  4. How will your organization market the new products?

With the answers to these 4 questions we can begin to work with you to determine the feasibility of your project, the types of products that can be produced and the approximate yield of the products. We can also advise on how to add value to your products. This ranges from including labels explaining the origin of the material, showing that the bag is particular number out of the total produced, to having it autographed by a sports figure.

Take a look at the link to the Boston Marathon. We repurposed the banners from the 2013 tragedy and made over 70,000 wrist bands for the 2014 marathon. These wristbands were given to the 36,000 entrants with the remainder being sold to raise money for the victims through One Fund Boston or as gifts to sponsors. Click here for the story.Boston marathon bracelet

If you have vinyl banners sitting around and collecting dust, we can turn them into something valuable. Give us a call at 888-344-6060, E-mail at or click on Get A Quote.



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