custom promotional socks

Custom Promotional Socks


Custom promotional socks are growing in popularity at an unprecedented pace. We are ready to proclaim that, “Socks are the new T-shirt!”. While custom promotional socks are not a new product, they are making a major impact in the advertising specialties market.

Originally they made their mark as a giveaway for events like fundraising walks. Custom promotional socks are both highly visible and fun to wear. Their appeal now has a much broader audience including corporate events and commemorative programs. They bring a positive team building impact and are affordable.

Custom promotional socks come in a wide range of materials, shapes and decoration styles. The 3 main categories are:








Need more sock options? Click here and you will find countless choices. With our 30 years of advising clients on how to obtain the highest return on their promotional investments, we can show you the perfect custom promotional sock for your next event or promotion. Call us today at 888-344-6060 or Click on Get a Quote. E-mail us at .

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