high end promotional items backpacks

High End Promotional Items Backpacks

A quality backpack is an ideal high end promotional items. When you are conveying a message that says purposeful, travel, convenience and active, nothing says sit better than a high end backpack. We are not talking about a flimsy nylon tote with shoulder straps. Our back packs are designed with practicality and style. 

There are many types and brands to select from. When it comes to high end backpacks we strongly suggest choosing from a popular brand. This depends on your type of promotion or event. The team at MCM has years of experience in helping our clients make the right choice. We are skiers, hikers, golfers, bikers, and world travelers to name a few.

Our favorite brands are Case Logic ™, elleven ™, Wenger ™, Cutter and Buck ™, High Sierra ™, Carharrt ™, Kenneth Cole ™, Thule ™, New Balance ™ and more. It doesn’t just take selecting a top brand. The next step is having an embroidery expert like MCM guide you through the process of design and placement of your logo.  

Don’t stop there! The backpack can be used to hold other high end promotional items such a stainless steel water bottle, a picnic blanket, flashlight, folding umbrella and countless logo centric items that relate to your event or promotion.

Take a look at a few of our favorite high end back packs and see for yourself what an impact these can make for your brand. 

The list of high end back packs is lengthy but we can help you navigate through it. With over 30+ years of of expertise in promotional items we are confident we will find the right product for you. Just give us a call at 888-344-6060, click on Get a Quote or e-mail us at sales@mcmproductions.com  and we will get you started today.  

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