Welcome, my name is Chris Hartley and I am proud to be associated with iPROMOTEu. If you are a promotional products distributor and are looking grow your sales, improve your profitability and reduce the hours that you spend on non-selling related activities you may want to listen to my story.

First let me tell you a bit about myself. After graduating Mc Gill University I entered the ski industry. It was my dream but after a number of years I began to get restless.  I made a major change and joined a large promotional products distributor in Massachusetts. It was a good move as they were nationally recognized but after 2 years I decided to move to a smaller firm where I was able to get more training and learn the operating side of the business.

After 4 years there, they hired a consultant, who advised me to look into starting my own firm. So in 1993 I began MCM Productions in the basement of my home. 12 years later my husband came up with the idea to move from Massachusetts and we relocated to Park City, Utah.  Within 4 months of the move I began discussions with iPROMOTEu. After careful due diligence, I made my decision to become an affiliate within 2 months.

Other than going into business for myself, joining iPROMOTEu has been the smartest business decision I have made. Here are my top 10 reasons:

  • I retained 100% of my brand identity
  •  iPROMOTEu has become my back office. They are working for me everyday unlike hiring an assistant who has sick days, holidays and requires constant training
  • I no longer have cash tied up in the business or require a line of credit
  •  iPROMOTEu handles ALL of my payables and receivables
  •  iPROMOTEu follows up on my orders and for the first time since being in this industry I have taken 3 weeks of vacation back to back!!!!!
  • By taking advantage of iPROMOTEu’s purchasing power my gross margins have increased and about half of their fee is covered by the additive margin
  • By becoming an affiliate I have been exposed to a network of hundreds of entrepreneurs who share their business experiences. It’s a perfect example of “co-opetition”.
  • iPROMOTEu has provided training and motivation
  • Have you ever felt like a small fish in a big pound when calling a supplier? With iPROMOTEu I have become recognized by their Preferred Suppliers and when I need more clout, I have IPU’s Vendor Relations  Manager to support me.
  • iPROMOTEu’s new order entry / ERP software will revolutionize the industry.


Do I sound like I have “drunk the KoolAid?” Since joining iPROMOTEu I have been named the Top Sales Person of the Year by the Advertising Specialties Institute, my business has grown profitably and I have time to travel and enjoy the fruits of my labors.

If you are an independent distributor and are serious about growing your business, delighting your clients and dream about having some more personal time, please feel free to call me and learn more.



Christiane Hartley

A proud iPROMOTEu Affiliate