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The secret to high end promotional items is high value not high price. We believe that Wenger watches offer prestige, quality and value with a globally recognized name. These Swiss made quartz movement watches will be cherished by any recipient. The red and white Swiss cross has symbolized quality in modern times even though the […]


High end promotional items represent the pinnacle of the promotional items industry. If you are looking for gifts for executives, high net worth clients, guest speakers or rewards for significant accomplishments, you need a firm with a unique expertise. High end promotional items are distinctively different for a millennial to a retired baby boomer. Check […]


Personalized clocks have a truly unique quality. A well constructed clock will always have a strong symbolic connection to the recipient.  The added value of a personalized clock is that it brings a second and even more powerful connection when it is designed as a replica of an important place in the recipient’s life. Look […]