How it works – Key Points

Key Points:

  • Sell customized logo products at high profit margins
  • No outlay of capital
  • Free standard e-commerce web site designed for each organization
  • Consultative process helps you select the right products and pricing
  • Complete marketing support to drive the call to action message to the organization
  • Carefully selected opening and closing date of electronic store
  • Sales are transacted on SSL secure site
  • At close of store, all items are produced and shipped to the organization for distribution.
  • Profits are sent to the organization

MCM carefully guides you through each of the steps. Once the products are selected a product/profit matrix is created to provide competitive pricing and profitability on each item. MCM then builds a standard e-commerce web site at no cost to the charity. The home page is designed to have the look and feel of the organization and a clear “call to action” is stated. MCM’s marketing team will custom draft a series of communications that the organization e-mails to the membership. The site contains an SSL encrypted web store will all of the products attractively presented for sale