Strategic Consultation

 In addition to the amount of monies the program generates the secondary by-product is the tremendous reduction in volunteer time and effort that is required. Our experience has proven that smaller volunteer committees are needed and in fact we have found that a smaller teamed that uses ourstrategic consultation process makes faster and better decisions.
MCM Combines 23 years of promotional knowledge coupled with our Business Development Director’s 35 years of marketing and business strategy to bring a powerful combination of skills. We will take the time to listen to your wants, needs and history to help you select from over 800,000 products that will best fit your donors and maximize the overall profitability of the program.
Our exclusive product/profit matrix is a client configurable spread sheet which permits you to analyze the profit of each item. Together we and our clients can determine the optimum number of items, the most appealing items and profit maximization in a clear and easy to understand format.
Let us help you make the tough decisions based on our business knowledge and see the facts through the data on the matrix. With MCM’s consultative support you will have everything at your finger tips to present the program to your Board members for a speedy approval.