Time Line for Success

Each program is customized by taking into account the type of organization, number of members, seasonality, goals, history of past events, frequency of fundraising activities, price points, demographics, logistics, product distribution and other pertinent factors.
MCM also has a proven “Time Line for Success”. It is critical to permit both the organization and MCM an adequate amount of time to design market and implement this web based strategy.
  • Approximately four weeks are required from the initial consultation until the completion of the product selection and the pricing matrix are agreed on.
  • All artwork files need to be submitted and approved within the first weeks.  Artwork is key to help determine the right products.
  • Depending on the complexity of the web site and the number of products in the program a minimum of one to two weeks is needed to complete the web site. 
  • Your expectation should include a minimum of five to six weeks to start a new program. Repeat clients can reduce the start up by several weeks if the changes made to the program are minimal. Many organizations take advantage of “seasonality” and have 2 or more fundraising events each year.
  • The length of time the store is open is determined by the size of the organization, the goals and seasonality.