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ABOUT MCM Productions

Christiane HartleyMCM Productions is a Certified, Small, Woman Owned company founded by Chris Hartley, a graduate of Mc Gill University (BA Economics). After a successful career in the ski industry she determined that a void existed in the promotional products market. There were countless sources for product but no one was taking the time to truly understand the marketing objectives of the customer.

After working for 2 well known firms she envisioned the need for a company that used a consultative approach for clients as opposed to simply selling them products. In 1993 she founded MCM Productions with the vision of taking the necessary time to understand the goals and needs of her cliental. This permitted MCM the ability to provide each client with the highest value product that seamlessly integrated into their marketing strategy. The MCM "Consultative" approach verses the traditional sales methodology truly offers clients a distinct advantage so that they can choose from the most appropriate product that fits their budget and meets or exceeds their expectations. For the past 36 years this proven strategy has forged long standing client partnerships that stand the test of time.

MCM delivers

  • >Industry Knowledge
  • >Consultative Partnering
  • >Selection of the most appropriate solutions
  • >Intelligent  supplier selection
  • >Highest value proposition

Consultative Plus Strategy

There are an enormous number of sources for PPAI / ASI products. You can even search through the Internet and "click" on a photo of a product that you think may work for you. What one must realize is that there are over 800,000 products and thousands of manufacturers in this space. The questions you need to ask are:

Does this product really convey the appropriate message and image?

  • >What type of quality am I getting?
  • >How will it look in the hands of my intended market?
  • >Is it an appropriate leading edge product or some web site special of the month?
  • >Will it arrive on time?
  • >Will it meet or exceed the goal of the specific marketing initiative?

MCM takes the time to ask the right questions to truly learn what our client's goals and objectives are. Then and only then does MCM begin to link your expectations to a list of appropriate products. All too frequently the best intended product fails to perform because the research was not done on the front end.

MCM does not stop there. With thousands of suppliers to choose from, MCM only selects the best in class partners to work with. In our fast moving global market you need suppliers that provide quality, high value and integrity. With over 36 years of supplier sourcing experience Chris Hartley and her team of associates insure that not only will you be offered the right product but it will come from the right supplier.

The final component is efficiency. From concept, to production, to shipment, much time can be wasted. MCM is a technology based company that uses the latest software from graphics to order entry. MCM also selects suppliers that deploy the same technology to create the most efficient supply chain. MCM is also an affiliate of iPROMOTEu Inc, which aggregates the purchasing power of over 700 affiliate distributors and their sales force that procured over $199m in 2018. This relationship provides the most advanced order processing system in the industry and the combined purchasing power provides a distinct pricing advantage.

MCM also offers an on-line selection of our most popular products to provide you with point and click shopping efficiency. If you can't locate what you need on our web site call us at 435-714-8889 and we will find it. If you want us to post a particular product on our site for you to order on-line from us in the future, just let us know.

Whether you need our in depth product knowledge or wish to purchase on-line we are here to support you.  That's our Consultative Plus Strategy!

How We Support You

The MCM Consultative Plus Strategy is what truly set us apart from our competition. Before we talk about product we ask the following types of critical questions.

  1. >What is the intended purpose of your campaign, promotion or event?
  2. >Who is your audience?
  3. >What is your message?
  4. >Where will the message be received?
  5. >How will you deliver the message?
  6. >What is your budget?
  7. >How will you measure the effectiveness? (ROI)
  8. >What is the time frame for execution?

By taking the time to go through a discovery process we can better assess your project, your objective(s) and goal(s). With this information we can begin to determine what products you should consider. If you are one of the fortunate few that already has determined what you need, we can locate the best source from our vendor/supplier base for you to get the highest value for your investment.

To get started, either email us at chris@mcmproductions.com to or give us a call at 435-714-8889.

Possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

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